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Beauty Tips from Moose Jaw

Winner of the 2005 Leacock Medal for Humour

Now out in paperback! The new edition of Beauty Tips from Moose Jaw includes added “bonus” material, including: a tongue-in-cheek "cheat sheet" for students; outtakes from the original edition; a visual tour of cover designs; and a bonus list of Canada’s “big objects by the side of the road.”

“A fast-moving mix of travelogue and cultural history. Like all good travel writing, it gives you itchy feet.”
       - UK Metro

“Leavened with humour and weighted with history . . . It rekindles one’s sense of wonder about this sprawling country.”
       - The Montreal Gazette

Will Ferguson spent three years travelling across Canada and back again. In a helicopter above the barrenlands of the sub-Arctic. In the polar bear migration paths of Hudson Bay. In a canoe in northern Ontario with his four-year-old son, Ferguson's journey has taken him from the rugged coast of Labrador to the sun-dappled streets of Victoria; from rural Quebec to urban Newfoundland.

Travelling at times with his family and at other times alone, Will Ferguson weaves his own experiences into those of the larger Canadian narrative. Funny, poignant and insightful, Beauty Tips from Moose Jaw is a heartfelt tribute to a quirky and fascinating country.

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