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The Hitchhiker's Guide to Japan

Leave the tourists in the dust!

"Excellent . . . In addition to lots of general advice, this book details suggested routes and places to stay on the road. All in all, it's just about invaluable for anyone contemplating a long hitch around Japan."
    - from The Lonely Planet Guide to Japan

A bible for backpackers and budget travellers, The Hitchiker's Guide to Japan is crammed full of useful information and insider's tips that you won't find anywhere else. It lists the cheapest accommodations possible (some virtually free), including a full range of campsites, hostels and village inns.

Offbeat Japanese attractions (a two-headed snake shrine among them), rules of the road, sneaky hitchhiking strategies, route maps, itineraries, highway vocabulary, and travellers etiquette: The Hitchhiker's Guide to Japan has it all.

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