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The Girlfriend's Guide to Hockey
(co-authored with Teena Dickerson & Bruce Spencer)

The Girlfriend's Guide to Hockey was the brainchild of Teena Dickerson, and although it is presented in Teena's voice, Will wrote Chapter One ("hockey history"), Chapter Seven ("Stanley Cup lore"), and Chapter Thirteen ("women's hockey," including an interview with Olympic medalist Thérèse Brisson).

Revised and republished in 2007 as Clueless About Hockey.

"An easy-to-read guide for women who want to understand their hubby's attraction to large toothless men on ice."
    - National Post

"A fresh perspective turns out to be a good perspective. This is one of the most interesting hockey books in a long time."
    - Vancouver Sun

"Two words: relationship saver!"
    - North Shore News

"The authors have succeeded in mining hockey history and culture and coming up with a fresh presentation. As a primer, everything seems to be here, and might be useful and entertaining for newcomers to hockey of either sex."
    - Toronto Star

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