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How to Be a Canadian   (co-authored with Ian Ferguson)

Winner of the 2002 CBA Libris Award: Non-Fiction Book of the Year
Shortlisted for 2002 Leacock Medal for Humour

“A hilarious exploration of what it means to be Canadian. The Ferguson brothers let no foible sneak past their wit . . . You might not want to read this one in public, however, as it’s sure to have you laughing aloud.”
    - Airlines Magazine

"A wry, funny look at Canadian sports, leisure, cuisine, history, driving habits and culture."
    - Victoria Times-Colonist

"How to Be a Canadian rolls through a veritable smorgasbord of national touchstones like a canoe shooting the rapids. Beer, mating rituals, 'who to hate and why,' . . . are duly examined, complete with odd-but-true factoids and a Cole's Notes-style summary at the end of each chapter."
    - Edmonton Journal

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