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Spanish Fly

Jack McGreary is a young man with a troubled soul and a gift for scams. Raised by his father in the dying town of Paradise Flats amid the dust storms of the 1930s, Jack has learned to live by his wits. And when a pair of fast-talking swindlers named Virgil Ray and Miss Rose blow through town, Jack joins forces with them.

Together they go on a crime spree across the Southwest, pulling a series of elaborate and often hilarious cons. Young Jack is swept along into a world of hot jazz and cold calculating crimes of the heart, as the sexual tension between him and Miss Rose grows. Someone is being set up.

“Ferguson is a novelist to be reckoned with . . . If it were up to me, I would have put this book on the Giller list.”
-James Macgowan in The Ottawa Citizen

“Ferguson is excelling at something new . . . Spanish Fly is a remarkable work, steeped in history and arcane knowledge but rooted in the intimate timelessness of the human heart and soul. ”
-Vancouver Sun

“A work of impressive energy and grandeur. Like Robertson Davies, Will Ferguson has the gift of linkage, of letting unlikely novelistic strands interleave and thicken into a significant braid.”
-The Globe and Mail

Spanish Fly: The soundtrack to the novel

A publishing first. Spanish Fly is a novel with its own soundtrack, featuring all-original songs, three with lyrics by Will himself. For more on the Spanish Fly music CD, to hear a sample track, and to read some of Will’s lyrics click here.

Spanish Fly: The soundtrack to the novelTHE INSIDE SCOOP: For more on the story of Spanish Fly, including the naming of the main characters, the geography of the novel and the sources of the con games that appear in it click here.

To read an article Will wrote about cons, including one he got stung on, click here.

For a CTV.ca interview about Spanish Fly click here.
For a CanWest profile on “The Art of the Con,” click here.

AUDIO: For the “Sounds Like Canada” interview with Drew Hayden Taylor, click here.

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