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Reviews of Will Ferguson

"The funniest writer in Canada."
- National Post

"Savagely hilarious."
- Glasgow Herald

"Eminently readable and entertaining."
- Vancouver Province

"Sharp-eyed and irreverent."
-Washington Post

"Ferguson has carved out a big niche as one of our most irreverent, funniest writers."
-Globe & Mail

"If Douglas Adams and P.J. O'Rourke ever had an extraterrestrial Satanic love-child, it would probably write like Will Ferguson. That is, it would be observant, attitudinal, occasionally offensive and funny."
-Los Angeles Times

"Will Ferguson’s books are truly funny."
--Toronto Star

"Will Ferguson is a talent. He writes refreshingly, provocatively and at times eloquently. He takes on issues from a contrarian's perspective, but never exceeds the bounds of reason. He looks for the essence and his search sometimes brings out some smashingly insightful stuff."
- Ottawa Citizen

"Ferguson possesses a crafty eye for detail, not to mention a highly developed understanding of the essential folly in what passes for everyday life."
- Edmonton Journal

"Will Ferguson's talent as a satirist is to be treasured."
- Literary Review

"He is one of the most articulate voices of the generation just coming into the influence and power that is its birthright."
- Hamilton Spectator

"Ferguson’s strength does not lie in whether he writes funny or not. His strength is that he writes so well."
-Victoria Times-Colonist

"Lively, knowledgeable, opinionated, disrespectful, debatable and immensely readable."
- Montreal Gazette

"A talented and very funny writer."
-Time Out

"Ferguson takes no prisoners."
- W.P. Kinsella

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Reviews of Spanish Fly

"In Spanish Fly, the cons come as quickly and as often as dark clouds during the 1930s Dust Bowl, the setting for this satisfying, self-assured story . . . Ferguson has written history and humour side by side many times, and this is the first time he has fused them together so successfully . . . It's a pleasure to ride with our sort-of-heroes in their 1939 Nash Ambassador."
- Telegraph-Journal
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"Ferguson’s intriguing characters and rich descriptions of the depressed towns they inhabit draws you into the forlorn pre-war world of the Depression. I couldn’t get enough of their cons and was seduced by the romantic notion of a grifter’s exciting life. From the coffee tins full of cash to the getaway car to the hot jazz clubs, I wanted it all . . . Spanish Fly is a compelling piece of historical fiction that brings Ferguson’s writing to a whole new and exciting level."
- Monday Magazine

"Stunning . . . Spanish Fly will be in high demand because of Ferguson’s name, but it should be in high demand because of his talent. Nuanced and enthralling, Spanish Fly is undoubtedly the best writing he has ever done."
- Quill & Quire Books of the Year review
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"Ferguson aficionados will find in Spanish Fly echoes and allusions to HappinessTM. But it is not a requirement to have read the first book; Spanish Fly stands on its own as an eminently readable novel . . . A work of impressive energy and grandeur. Like Robertson Davies, Will Ferguson has the gift of linkage, of letting unlikely novelistic strands interleave and thicken into a significant braid."
- The Globe and Mail
For the complete Globe & Mail review, click here.

"Ferguson is a novelist to be reckoned with… This is a man who has found his storytelling voice, using the Great Depression as a backdrop for three grifters who are blowing through the American South one scam at a time. If it were up to me, I would have put this book on the Giller list."
- James Macgowan, The Ottawa Citizen

"A remarkable novel that is sure to become a modern-day classic… Ferguson combines fact and fiction to produce a compelling and surprisingly humorous coming of age tale that will appeal to all readers… Ferguson builds a tense climax by skilfully planting morsels of key information throughout the story. This leads to an exhilarating and unpredictable conclusion that will have readers guessing until the final page."
- Winnipeg Free Press
For the complete Free Press review, click here.

"Ferguson is excelling at something new. Spanish Fly is a remarkable work, steeped in history and arcane knowledge but rooted in the intimate timelessness of the human heart and soul. There are a few laughs, but this is a serious, and ultimately heart-rending, story. Spanish Fly is the real thing. It's a novel of heart and soul . . . It will undoubtedly draw him new admirers."
- Vancouver Sun
For the complete Sun review, click here.

"A tremendous literary work."
- Charles Adler, Adler on The Edge. The Corus Radio Network

"A solid read . . In Spanish Fly , Ferguson he shows a flair for historical detail and pop culture. But the book has more to offer than slick scams and how they work. Ferguson is at his most lyrical in describing the destruction caused by the "black blizzards." The people of Paradise Flats wake up each morning after a long night of howling winds to a world of dust. The weathered barn, the fence posts, the pick-up truck -- everything is covered with a thick layer of dust. The land that had sustained them for so many years is vanishing."
- The Montreal Gazette
For the complete Gazette review, click here.

"Some of the most fascinating and interesting reading I’ve seen in a long time. Ferguson’s writing style flows smoothly . . . In terms of drama, humour, pacing, imagination, research, vocabulary and the ability to express his ideas through his characters, Will Ferguson ranks up there with some of the best I’ve read."
- The Leader-Post

"A gripping story . . . Ferguson has great skill. He perfectly lays in all the bits and pieces that have to add up, so the reader says, “Of course!” when the plot finally unfolds. He does so with such a subtle hand, making them look like bits of incidental information, or colour, that you’re always wondering but can never quite guess until it’s time for the payoff. That’s the mark of a superb storyteller . . . Unlike the mythical product, from which he takes his title, this Spanish Fly will both arouse and entertain."

"[In Spanish Fly], Ferguson artfully brings the reader into the time period, when going from town to town pulling off cons was one of the few ways someone could make a steady income. Ferguson does a great job making the story feel real, yet keeping a sense of humour."
- Metro News

"A hard look at the American Dream . . . Spanish Fly is sprinkled with pungent details, and the cadence of people’s conversations seems to fit the time perfectly. McGreary’s character is endearing too. He is earnest and smart, and you feel that he wouldn’t have taken to this life of crime if he’d had any other choice. McGreary sporadically ponders enlisting in the army. But even with this choice, it’s hard to imagine a future for him that doesn’t involve bullets flying. Ferguson, ever adept at keeping his cards close to his chest, has the reader guessing to the very end."
- Western News

"Crack the spine of Spanish Fly , the latest novel by best-selling author Will Ferguson, and you’ll be thrust into the world of Jack McGreary – a young man caught in the dust storms of the Great Depression. What follows is a tale of scams and swindling that makes Tom Ripley look like an amateur. . . . Spanish Fly is a big, brawling romp of a novel. It will have you on the edge of your La-Z-Boy with suspense and action, while at the same time raising questions about the choices we make in life – and the consequences that follow."
- Driven: Men’s Lifestyle Magazine

"Will Ferguson makes his protagonist’s character resemble the landscape – bleak and weathered, but carrying a promise or at least a hint of something better. One can read Spanish Fly and become immersed in its setting of dustbowl plains juxtaposed with the high-living shills who exploit it, but the most substantial immersion is in the exploration of attitudes and beliefs."
- The Edmonton Journal

"A wild and comic romp."
- Prairie Books Now

"A rowdy authentic novel that is simply fun to read."
- The Sun Times

"Spanish Fly is an assured work of fiction . . . Frequently hilarious and expertly paced, the story is also occasionally surprisingly sad. But the dark backdrop only rarely overwhelms the lightness of the storytelling that makes for a thoroughly enjoyable read. . . . A delightful trove of con-man lore, as charming as a grifter working a mark."
- Fastforward
For the complete Fastforward review, click here.

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Reviews of Hitching Rides with Buddha
(published in the UK as "Hokkaido Highway Blues")

"Funny and ultimately moving . . . Ferguson decides to hitch from one end of Japan to the other, with the aim of travelling with the Japanese, not among them. He succeeds (despite everyone telling him - even those who stop to pick him up - that Japanese never stop for hitchhikers), and in the process turns out one of the best ever books of travel writing about the country."
-The Rough Guide to Japan

"Ferguson is a sprightly writer, blessed with a sense of the absurd in everyday life but with an empathy for strange and exotic things."
-Vancouver Province

"Anyone who loves Japan or wants to learn more about the country in a usually lighthearted and painless manner should read Hitching Rides with Buddha."
- Montreal Gazette

"With a facility in the Japanese language that seems capable of coping with, if not quite solving, all obstacles, our savvy young Canadian travel guide is ever ready to deflate conventional sentimentality . . . Quick to cavil, self-deprecating, Will Ferguson seems eminently trustworthy."
- Globe & Mail

"Well-researched and sharply written . . . From the intimacy of their cars--halfway between a public and private space--Ferguson gets to know the Japanese well and writes about them with affection."
- Toronto Star

"This is classic Ferguson . .  Those who have read his other books will not be disappointed; those who have been to Japan will relate to his observations of being a foreigner in Japan."
- Avenue Magazine

"[Ferguson] writes about the Japanese and their unfathomably wonderful country with depth, warmth and affection."
- The Australian

"A joy to read. Ferguson shows the contradictions that are Japan. The fervent nationalism alongside the many random acts of kindness . . . A funny, irreverent and insightful book."
- New Zealand Herald

"Hitching Rides with Buddha brims with acerbic humour, informed observations and lively stories.
Will Ferguson takes us along on a mostly funny, sometimes heartbreaking adventure as he sticks out his thumb to travel the length of Japan. . . . Throughout his on-the-road adventures he dishes up huge but juicily presented quantities of Japanese religion, history and sociology.
He's also a wickedly witty travel guide, with a knack for dropping absurdist, out-of-left-field remarks that raise a smile or belly laugh."
- Winnipeg Free Press

"[Ferguson’s encounters] are fleeting, yet vivid, like the blossoms he followed."
- Hamilton Spectator

"What makes this travel book so appealing is that Ferguson isn’t afraid of sharing his feelings, from loneliness to drunken happiness and everything in between. And that honesty extends to his insightful observations about the Japanese people."
- Fastforward

"A work of observational humour, Hitching Rides not only brims with laughs, but with the best kind of cultural revelations . . . [Ferguson] manages through his encounters with a weird, wonderful and generally friendly assortment of rides to hit upon and deconstruct every touchstone of Japanese life."
- Calgary Herald

"A great and unusual road book, funny, irreverent, and smart. (My favourite Japanese character here, by the way, is the driver who keeps yelling "Cow sex!" at Ferguson, but you'll have to read about that for yourself.)"
- Alan Ryan, editor of The Reader's Companion to Ireland and The Reader's Companion to Mexico

"What a wonderful book. Like Bryson, Ferguson is often at his best (and laugh-out-loud funniest) when most annoyed, but he is fundamentally sympathetic and his tale, at one point, many even move you to tears."
- Irish Times

"A fantastically offbeat odyssey brimming with irony, poetry and insight."
- The Scotsman

"Beneath that thick skin lies a poetic soul: he may drink too much, and end up sweaty and alone in sad 'Love Hotels', but he can write about Shintoism, history, nature and architecture with real sensitivity."
- Sunday Times

"Ferguson presents a wonderfully true picture of Japan at the grass roots, but the special joy is watching his surrender to the spell of that enchanting land."
- The Times

"Lyrical, witty, honest."
- The Tablet

"What makes this book so appealing is Ferguson's unpredictability. Stylistically, he never sits still. One moment, he's riffing lyrically about the seascape south-east of Kyushu, the next he's deconstructing the 'cubist orgy' of a Japanese porn film; he seems capable of writing in pretty much any mode that occurs to him, and has opinions on everything.
. . . And though he's frequently and savagely ironic, he is also not afraid to declare his feelings--which means you trust both his humour and his insights."
- The Guardian

"Funny, observant, irreverent too."
- Time Out

"Loaded with insights and highly original observations, this is overall an outstanding piece of travel writing. That so much of it is side-splittingly funny helps."
- Insight Japan

"When did you last read a book while grinning in anticipation of the next joke?"
- The Observer

"Ferguson's dry sense of humour portrays an insider's view of Japan. For anyone thinking of going to Japan, this will be an invaluable read. If you've already been you will find yourself laughing out loud in recognition."
- Geographical Magazine

"A very different traveller's tale, sharply observed and studded with bits of wry, funny perception."
- Islands Magazine

"Sometimes touching, sometimes amusing and always true . . . as a wordsmith and a traveller, Ferguson knows where he is going."
- Boston Globe

"A little history and a lot of humour--narrated with great affection by a Westerner who very obviously enjoys an inside view of the inscrutable East from an off-the-beaten track perspective . . . a suitable candidate for best book of the year."
- Bookman News

"A highly amusing, lyrical journey into a fascinating cultural landscape. The portraits of the people [Ferguson] meets are not always flattering but are inevitably witty and insightful."
- Netsurfer Digest

"Ferguson travels through Japan in the best of all possible styles...with a great eye for insight and an infallible sense of humour."
- The Multicultural Review

"The road book of the year . . . a warm-hearted account with a generous helping of satire."
- Daily Telegraph

"A consistently entertaining narrative . . . Ferguson's willingness to get involved makes him a compelling guide. Like the best travel writing, his account is about the shock of strangeness; a patchwork of chance encounters, unexpected twists, brick walls . . .
The tour leaves no oddity omitted, from kitsch-ridden J-pop to underwear-vending machines, hypnotic pachinko halls, pixellated porn and the wonders of Japanese-English advertising--'Let's all enjoy tampon life'."
- The Observer

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Reviews of Beauty Tips from Moose Jaw

"Full of surprises and idiosyncratic charms."
- National Post

"Leavened with humour and weighted with history . . . It rekindles one’s sense of wonder about this sprawling country."
- Montreal Gazette

"You have to love self-deprecating funnyman Will Ferguson’s latest . . . Beauty Tips is part out-there travel guide and part love letter to our vast country."
- Chatelaine

"A hilarious, observant, personable journey . . . With a remarkable ability to examine the weird quirks and cultural absurdities of his motherland through the eyes of a bemused, excited and sometimes cynical tourist , Ferguson brings humour and real life to his search."
- The Observer

"An idiosyncratic travel guide to the highs and lows of Canadian culture, history and landscape."
- Big Issue

"Snapshots of a road trip through Canada’s back roads and its well-travelled highways. The stories cleverly combine personal anecdotes, humour and contemporary landscapes . . ."
- Fastforward

"A narrative laced with humour and spectacular prose."
- Library Journal Review

"Eloquent and well-read . . . Ferguson is adept at breezily whacking the underbelly of his sprawling, haphazard country."
- Scotland on Sunday

"A hilarious yet personal view of Canada."
- Planet S

"Ferguson is a smart enough writer to know that even in this age of instantaneous information, there is still no substitute for the rugged traveller hiking from outpost to outpost, quill in hand, sending dispatches home for our edification and amusement."
- Winnipeg Free Press

"A genuinely funny book . . . Beauty Tips from Moose Jaw is a joy to read."
-The Chronicle-Journal (Thunder Bay)

"Ferguson delves into the soul of the cities he visits, sometimes climbing into helicopters, seaplanes and kayaks, and attending underground poetry slams."
- Airlines Magazine

"A little history and a whole lot of personality . . . [Beauty Tips from Moose Jaw] is an easygoing, vernacular companion through the vast regions of the Great North Country."
- Kirkus Reviews

"Will Ferguson has made a career of his inability to settle down."
- London Free Press

"Beauty Tips offers the right balance on this road trip from Canada’s West to East . . . Glimpses into the author’s life provide a context for the discoveries he makes about history, geography and humanity."
-See Magazine

"Humourous and affectionate . . . Will Ferguson loves Canada, and to prove it he even allowed a moustachioed man called Brad massage his feet in Moose Jaw."
- Edmonton Sun

"Observantly offbeat . . . Beauty Tips is one funny book."
- Edmonton Journal

"A funny and thoughtful take on what it means to be Canadian. . . . packed with information. Ferguson creates a vibrant picture of Canada's rich history and diverse culture."
- Monday Magazine

"A very idiosyncratic, witty travelogue."
- Ottawa Citizen

"Funny and incisive observations from our humourist laureate."
- Outpost Magazine

"Part travelogue, part personal history . . . Witty and highly readable."
- The Link (Concordia University)

"From the suspiciously quaint city of Victoria, to polar bears in Churchill, off into Newfoundland, and everywhere in between, Ferguson presents the Canada he discovered—diverse, vast, strange, and exciting."
- The Fulcrum (University of Ottawa)

"More than a great storyteller, Ferguson is a philosopher, a comedian, and a historian all rolled into one."
- The Varsity ( University of Toronto)

"The title story, in which Ferguson has his limbs and his ego massaged at a Saskatchewan health spa, perfectly represents the book's twin charms: Ferguson's comic cynicism, and his descriptions of intriguing events and individuals tied to the places he visits."
- Publishers Weekly

"Funny and insightful . . . Ferguson travels to some of the farthest outposts in Canada, chronicling our eccentric history and awesome geography."
- Montreal Mirror

"A highly eccentric travelogue based on a ramshackle tour of the country’s more colourful outposts . . . Will Ferguson writes like a house on fire. "
- Vancouver Sun

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Reviews of Happiness™

"A must-read book!"
- Vogue UK

"A glorious romp through modern life."
- Literary Review

"A laugh-till-you-choke send-up of contemporary American life, the publishing industry, celebrity book tours, New Age cults, get-rich-quick schemes and promises of perfect sex."
- Whole Earth

"Happiness is a brilliant parody of the self-help cult, social mores and fashions generally.
It bears comparison with the works of North America's leading satirists. But where Joseph Heller is heavy, Tom Wolfe is dark and Carl Hiaasen is strident, Ferguson is light, bright and very funny."
- Mail on Sunday

"A richly imagined and at times darkly humorous book . . ."
- Publisher's Weekly

"Happiness is a wonderfully assured, gleefully twisted and deeply irreligious satire which manages to be as moving as it is funny."
- The Independent on Sunday

"As a genuine example of feel-good cynicism, it is in a world of its own."
- Birmingham Post

"A gleeful satire on the self-help industry, seemingly born from a one-night stand between 'Brave New World' and 'Police Squad!', with half the jokes aimed below the belt and the rest going straight for the jugular.
A must read for people who know how to laugh without turning off their brains."
- Jonathan Coe, author of The Rotter's Club and What a Carve Up

"A comic masterpiece."
- The Publishing News (UK)

"A sizzling satire on the self-help culture."
- Daily Mail

"Aldous Huxley meets Carl Hiaasen."
- The Independent

"Ferguson is pin-sharp in his satire; adept at drawing out the inherent contradictions at the heart of America's obsession with self-help, success and happiness, he is funny, biting and savage."
- Big Issue

"A mean, wonderful, hilarious rant, both poisonously funny satire and dead-on indictment. The nature of true evil exposed--with all its warm, fuzzy and asphyxiating manifestations.
If I wasn't already a smoker, drinker and misanthrope, I'd start tomorrow."
- Anthony Bourdain, author of Kitchen Confidential

"A smart, funny, unexpected work of fiction . . . The publishing world will never be the same."
- Writer Magazine

"Happiness is scathing satire at its very best. One seriously funny novel with a zany, unbelievable premise and a plot that never lets up."
- The Beaver: lit section

"Happiness is a shrewd and often hilarious examination of contemporary mores, anxieties and desires. And it loudly proves the point that laughter is probably the best therapy we are likely to get."
- Scotland on Sunday

"It's hard not admire the author's sustained inventiveness. The book never flags but rolls along, cockeyed and wobbly, on its own outrageous course . . . An anything-goes satire that is so over-the-top, there is no top. It's the kind of book Tom Robbins used to write."
- The Memphis Flyer

"Gleefully nasty. If Mel Brooks set The Producers in the publishing industry, he'd come up with something like this."
- Kirkus Reviews

"For me, however, the most disturbing passage of Happiness comes in the first chapter, when Edwin de Valu is searching through the awful manuscripts in the Panderic slush pile. To my horror, a good few of the proposals are similar to ones that I have sent to publishers myself."
- The Observer

"Will Ferguson spins a comical sardonic portrait of modern life . . .Though it may make you laugh out loud, Happiness also raises disturbing questions about the way we choose to live, and why."
- Sunday Herald

"Ferguson creates his own panacea for human suffering: embrace unhappiness, it's what makes life worthwhile."
- Sleazenation

"In a surprisingly moving ending to this uncompromising and brilliant satire, Ferguson serves up his true thematic feast. We are all, in our own ways, fleeing our doom, fleeing our decline, our inevitable mortality. But blindness and blandness will get us nowhere."
- Globe & Mail

"An anti-Celestine prophecy in which a publisher lets out a self-help book that really works, makes people happy, rich and fulfilled, and ruins the world. Martin Amis wit and just enough cynicism to be uproariously funny.
I predict it will take the Stephen Leacock this year, and maybe better . . . This is a novel for people who are sick of sincerity and feel like a beer and a smoke."
- author Antanas Sileika makes an uncanny prediction on CBC TV's Hot Type

"This is a little gem of a book about a very large idea. It entertains, stirs the soul and provokes some serious reflection."
- Pamela Wallin, Canadian Consul General in New York

"Do we really want chicken-soup-fed souls? Happiness is a cry against the blandness of that broth, and a plea for us to stop trying to cure ourselves of what makes us human."
- The Star Tribune

"A hilarious romp! A lowly sub-editor at a major publishing house discovers a manuscript in the slush pile that becomes the ultimate self-help book, unleashing unmitigated happiness on the world. Aging baby boomers, self-absorbed self-helpers; they're all here."
- Book Sense

"A highly entertaining, intelligent satire . . . Happiness is, quite simply, delicious."
- January Magazine

"Although advertised as hilarious, Happiness has an ominous truth at its core. Novelist Will Ferguson has written the ultimate satire on self-help books, full of hijinks and capers--think of Monty Python skits replete with both juvenility and Latin terms.
Its conclusion, however, mutes the belly laughs: "we can't close our eyes and hug ourselves into believing that old age, death and disillusion don't exist." Fortunately for us, Ferguson has a wicked good time telling the story . . ."
- The Washington Post

"A hilarious vision of the American apocalypse."
- Portland Mercury

"Ferguson has a nice, light touch and a feel for irony. . . Happiness may not give you the secret of eternal bliss, but it will make you feel a little better about being miserable."
- New Zealand Herald

"A fun, blurt-out laughing journey into the sublimely absurd, highlighting the neurotic aspects of our society."
- Literate World

"A perceptive satire on New Age philosophies that made me laugh out loud."
- Anne Donovan, novelist

This debut novel is a funny, thought-provoking satire of the self-help culture and contemporary America."
- MX Melbourne

"A witty and incisive send-up."
- Metro

"A very funny satire."
- Heat Magazine: Top Ten Books

"A dark knee-slapper of a book."
- Globe & Mail

"Masterful comic dialogue . . . Dr. Phil and Deepak Chopra better steer well clear of this book's bad juju. But those who like a good satire ought to right the wheels and head straight for this wicked and nasty first novel.
Ferguson's message is dead on: A hallucinated utopian philosophy drains people of life and spirit. It sanitizes reality. Humans need tragedy, unrequited love, possessions, heartache and above all, passion."
- The San Diego Union-Tribune

"This brilliant satire on the self-help industry presents an apocalyptic vision of the end of misery."
- What's On

"Fun, well-paced, intelligent."
- Edmonton Journal

"Original wit, rich writing . . . A pleasure to read."
- Victoria Times-Colonist

"Playful, cantankerous, and more fun than a barrel of editors!"
- CTV Canada AM

"There's no filler in this book, not one wasted word, just a continuous stream of wicked social observation and brilliant humor. The wit has the same dry bite as a good martini, plus there's intriguing foreign-language lessons, mysterious trailers and an ethics expert who ends up being a crazed fugitive.
It turns out that money can buy Happiness . . . It retails for about $24 (hardback)."
- Orlando Weekly

"Ambitious and hugely energetic . . . A cracking tilt at the self-help business."
- Daily Mail

"It is refreshing to encounter an authorial tone that is so embittered. He allows his characters to fulminate on his behalf, seething about the reflected failings of the Baby Boom generation and Generation X, arrogance against impotence."
- The Scotsman

"A clever, funny and compulsive satire on the world of self-help . . . There are just not enough books around like this."
- The Bookseller

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Reviews of Canadian History for Dummies

“Acerbic, witty, well-summarized and to the point . . . An easy-to-read treasure for anyone who cares about Canada and its history.”
- The Hill Times

“A handy reference book . . Entertaining [and] helpful.”
- Montreal Mirror

“Ferguson peppers the book with facts, stats and oddities that inspire you to read on, and his breezy, almost chatty, writing style results in an enjoyable journey through Canada’s past.”
- Calgary Herald

“[Ferguson’s] knowledge of our history is admirably deep and wide. His clear purpose is to inform (rather than impress) the reader. Icons flag recurring themes, outline summaries clarify content, and lively quotations abound . . . Especially useful are quick capsules of controversies surrounding many historical events, with Ferguson nearly always offering his own slant.”
- The Beaver: Canada’s National History Magazine

“An anecdote-packed tour d’horizon of Canada’s story, from the Plains of Abraham . . . to Paul Martin.”
- Globe & Mail

“There is much to recommend about this book . . . Appropriate experts are consulted and quoted, salient points are stressed, contentious statements are made, and the reader is entertained and challenged.”
- Fastforward

“Canadian history is interesting. Just ask Will Ferguson. Better yet, pick up a copy of Ferguson's book, Canadian History for Dummies, and discover how entertaining our past can be.”
- Victoria Times-Colonist

“Chatty and fast-paced . . . In easily digested bits of concise and well-researched narrative, little asides, lists, anecdotes and humorous accounts Ferguson describes the events and people that made Canada what it is today.”
- Halifax Herald

“Canadian History for Dummies delivers much more than a reference book. It's a well-researched and engagingly written survey . . . The book has names, dates, timelines, a few maps, discussions of historians' controversies, and--most important--the URLs of dozens of helpful Web sites.”
- historian John Herd Thompson in the National Post

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Reviews of Bastards & Boneheads

“An entertaining, educational survey of Canadian leaders.”
- Eye Weekly

“Ferguson neatly pierces the veil of several national shibboleths . . . But don't be fooled. Beneath the campy rhetoric lies a serious and impressively researched narrative of the pivotal events in Canadian history.”
- National Post

“A rip-snorting, rib-tickling white water ride through this country's rich history of outrageous political scandals.”
- See Magazine

“An utterly hilarious tour of our historical contradictions.”
- The Calgary Straight

“Who says Canadian history isn't fun?”
- Ottawa Citizen

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Reviews of Why I Hate Canadians

“A scathingly funny polemic.”
- Globe & Mail

"Aggressively patriotic . . . . Ferguson shows his love for Canada the way an older brother shows his love for a younger sibling--with a wedgie."
- Charlottetown Guardian

A smooth read . . . Ferguson is both insightful and hilarious.
- The Georgia Strait

“Wickedly funny!”
- Fredericton Gleaner

- Saint John Times Globe

"Ferguson sees a Canada that is profoundly different from the established stereotype of the Great White North. populated by Mounties, moose and very nice people . . . and the response has been overwhelming."
- The Coast: Halifax's Weekly

"Ferguson does not try to please everyone . . . and that's just one of the reasons he is so much fun to read."
- Halifax Daily News

"Pierre Berton with attitude."
- Montreal Gazette

"The future of Canadian nationalism."
- Ottawa Citizen

"Irreverent, incisive, and informative."
- Kingston Whig-Standard

"Ferguson is Canada's myth-buster extraordinaire . . . His writing is concise, easily digestible, humourous, dramatic, frank and sometimes shocking."
- Telegraph Journal

"No doubt we will be hearing more from Uncle Will in the future. We are fortunate to have him among us."
- Toronto Star

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